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Wedding Dress Cleaning & Preservation

Wedding Dress Cleaning & Preservation

Clean Clothes Dry Cleaners has decades of experience in the professional cleaning and preservation of wedding dresses & gowns in Charlotte, NC. Your wedding gown is a treasured keepsake that if properly cleaned and preserved, can last for years to come..

When you preserve your heirloom with us, you can rest assured it will be safe and protected. We professionally clean and press your gown, and package it in a preservation box.

  • Prevent Yellowing
  • Permanent Creasing Risks
  • Mildew and Mold Risks
  • Prevent Oxidation spots
  • Light and Dust Protection

0293Resized-300x199Your wedding gown is forever…and we intend to keep it that way.

For more than half a century, Clean Clothes Dry Cleaners has served a discriminating customer base and clientele with extraordinary fabric care for fine garments. Specializing in cleaning and preserving wedding and couture gowns, the company is recognized worldwide as one of the industry’s leading couture cleaners.

The cornerstone and single-most important component of gown preservation is the cleaning process itself, which requires an exceptional cleaner. Hallak Cleaners is renowned for its unique processes and capabilities. In fact, the company opens its plant regularly to visitors who come from Japan, Europe, and all over the world to observe operations.

What is a preservation?  Preservation is not a specific process that is done to the gown; it doesn’t require some sort of special solvent or treatment.  Preservation is a professional full cleaning and then proper storage.  All of our wedding gowns are wrapped in acid-free tissue paper and then stored within a museum-quality preservation box.  It is NOT sealed.  Garments should be able to breathe.

All of our wedding gown preservations come with a lifetime guarantee backed by both us and the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists.  Along with your wedding gown box, you will receive specific instructions on how to keep your gown looking it’s best.

Wedding Dress Preservation Tips

  • Don’t procrastinate wedding gown preservation: Ideally cleaning should be done days or no more than 6 weeks following wedding to avoid oxidation over time.
  • Don’t leave gown in plastic bag: Most plastic gives off chemical fumes that cause the yellowing of bridal gowns.
  • Have your wedding dress cleaned and preserved at the same time: Cleaning followed immediately by preservation ensures that your gown remains in the best condition possible.